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Eye Caps - GlobalMed Group - AYUDANDO A CREAR VIDA

Eye Caps

  • Helps improve visual performance.
  • Macular health.
  • Protects from blue light.
  • Protects from oxidative stress.

Bearing in mind that eye health is important, but usually neglected, AMS® created Eyecaps – dietary supplement that supports healthy eyes. Enriched with vitamins A, C, and E as well as minerals zinc, selenium, chromium, Eyecaps ensures eyes get vital nutrients they need to remain damage-free.

Besides vitamins and minerals, the supplement also contains zeaxanthin which builds the yellow macular pigment that protects eye cells from harmful light frequencies. Zeaxanthin works together with lutein to protect not only your eyes but the entire body from dangerous free radicals. Billberry in this product works to reduce inflammation and promote optimal eye health and eyesight.