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G603 - GlobalMed Group - AYUDANDO A CREAR VIDA


• The integrated gas mixing system mixes the CO? and O?
to your preferred level of mixture
• Mixing range for CO?: 2-10%, for O?: 2-20%
• The re-circulated, humidified and warmed gas combined
with the Alu Heat system assures a stable temperature in
the entire Work area
• The re-circulated gas has a Grade A quality achieved by
circulation through a HEPA filter, a VOC filter, and a closed
UV light chamber
• Air entering through the side ports during opening is
absorbed by an upward suction
• Easily changeable cuffs
• Easily access through side doors
• Can be prepared for a number of microscopes
• Data logging and alarm software included
• Outlets for USB, HDMI
• Sample ports for external validation of CO? and O?
• Humidity up to 60%
Ergonomic design:
• Electrical adjustable height, range: 75-115 cm.
• Castors to be mounted
• Soft Support pads for arm rest.
• Front with extra large access dors. Access doors with
integrated easily changeable cuffs.
• Light Source