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GH01 - GlobalMed Group - AYUDANDO A CREAR VIDA


The GH01 is a small and convenient stand alone humidifier. It has a built in digital flow meter and an adjustable flow rate between 0 - 50 litres per hour. The flow rate is adjusted on the analog proportional needle valve, positioned on the side of the cabinet for easy access. The water for humidification of the gas is heated up to 39,5 °C by a heating element. This level of temperature ensures approximately 37,5°C at the exit point of the supplied length of tubing.


The bottle can be removed for cleaning or autoclaving, and comes with a choice of either a diffuser or an open end. The diffuser creates the best possible humidification. Due to the physical laws, this can result in some condensation in the tubing. By using an open end the humidification level is lowered and less condensation occurs.


The design of the GH01 ensures an easy airflow over the unit, so that it can be used in a laminar flow workstation without causing turbulence. The low gravity point makes sure that the unit is stable and does no tilt during use. The humidifier can be used with CO2, Oxygen, Nitrogen or any mixture of these gasses.


The GH01 comes with a separate power supply and operates on low voltage for safe conditions, for instance if water is spilled.


Technical specifications:GH01
Overall dimensions (WxDxH)175x50x126 mm
MaterialStainless steel
Gas consumption0-50 litres per hour (adjustable)
Gas pressure0,5-0,7 bar
Power supply, adapter for mains:13-15V
Power consumption mains6VA