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L126MP Workstation - GlobalMed Group - AYUDANDO A CREAR VIDA

L126MP Workstation

Cost and space saving Workstation with Integrated Anti-Vibration facilities.
Designed as two workplaces – the right side is for mounting of a stereomicroscope and left side is dedicated to an inverted microscope for performing ICSI / IMSI in clean air.
The MP version is cost and space saving by integrating the Anti-Vibration facilities into the Workstation while at the same time giving overall aseptic Work conditions.
The Anti-Vibration Table eliminates vibrations from reaching the microscope platform and dampening unavoidable vibrations in the shortest possible time.
Standard Features
- Stainless Steel Table Top.
- Integrated Alu Heat System.
- Mounting Assembly for most Stereo Microscopes.
- Mounting Assembly for most Inverted Microscopes.
- Integrated Anti-Vibration Table.
- Microscope Light Opening with Heated Glass Ø90.
- Integrated Gassing and Humidification System.
- Eye Draught Protection.
- 2 Electrical Outlets inside the cabinet.
- Support Stand.