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L323 IVF

Excellent for the aspiration room


Exposure of human oocytes and/or embryos / blastocysts to room air and to room temperature can drastically affect their viability. The L323 IVF Incu-Chamber is developed as a semi-closed system allowing you to perform oocyte screening, fertilization, cleavage check and embryo/blastocyst transfer in an incubator like environment.


The L323 IVF Incu-Chamber Standard Characteristics:
  • Constant temperature at 37°C on the working procedure surface
  • Warmed re-circulating air at 37°C
  • Controlled CO2 air circulation in the procedure area (range 2-10%)
  • Controlled O2 air circulation in the procedure area (range 2-20%)
  • Up to 60 % Air Humidity in the procedure area
  • Re-circulated air is HEPA, V.O.C filtered and passes through a UV-Light pressure chamber to ensure that the air is decontaminated.

    Technical specifications:L323 IVF
    Overall dimensions (WxDxH) 940x830x1720 mm/19x33x68
    Workspace/tabletop (WxD) 940x500 mm/19x20
    Air flow0,40 m/s
    Table height835 mm/33