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L426 Dual IVF - GlobalMed Group - AYUDANDO A CREAR VIDA

L426 Dual IVF

Designed with two workplaces and for the mounting of two stereomicroscopes. A dual workstation offers the potential to simultaneously set up a perfect rotation system / organize division of work and keep the workflow of individuals undisturbed. E.g.: in the morning: one technician collects oocytes while a colleague is already denuding the oocytes from the previous patient. Another situation could be an embryologist inseminating oocytes for conventional IVF, while a colleague is preparing oocytes and sperm to perform ICSI.


Technical specifications:L426 DUAL IVF
Overall dimensions (WxDxH)1846x830x1720 mm/73x33x68’’
Workspace/Table Top1840x490 mm/73x20
Air flow0,40 m/s
Table height865 mm/34