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L524 Free standing warming table - GlobalMed Group - AYUDANDO A CREAR VIDA

L524 Free standing warming table

Free Standing Warming Table prepared for the incorporation of a Stereo Microscope


The free standing table features a warmed area similar to what is offered in our Workstations. Additionlly, the warming table is preparred for a stereo microscope, control panel is integrated in the table top, and light source is incorporated below the table top. The heating system is the AluHeat, built in as standard. Most Stereo Microscopes can be incorporated and the light intensity from any K-systems ® light source can be adjusted from the control panel.


The free standing table is intended for use in any laboratory requiring a warmed area in the table top, and often to be used in laboratories built as HEPA filtered clean room (grade A) with over pressurized facilities.


Technical specifications:L524
Overall dimensions (WxDxH)1241x725x863 mm/49x29x34
Table height835 mm/33