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PureCeption™ - GlobalMed Group - AYUDANDO A CREAR VIDA


For efficient sperm preparation by the density gradient method.
A sterile colloidal suspension of silica particles stabilized with covalently bound hydrophilic silane formulated in HEPES-buffered human tubal fluid (HTF). PureCeption will allow for the highly efficient separation of motile sperm from the ejaculate of most semen specimens.
PureCeption comes in a 100 % stock solution, in a ready to use 40% and 80% solution and in pre-packed determinations kits for full flexibility.
Key Features
- Tested using one-cell mouse embryo bioassay and endotoxin assays to ensure quality and safety.
- Now contains taurine and EDTA, beneficial components for sperm quality.
- Taurine has a role in sperm capacitation and has demonstrated a protective effect against peroxidative damage and reactive oxygen species.
- EDTA enhances sperm cell motility and chelates toxic divalent cations.
- Addition of antioxidants helps to reduce the build-up of DNA damage due to ROS.