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PureSperm Buffer - GlobalMed Group - AYUDANDO A CREAR VIDA

PureSperm Buffer

PureSperm Buffer is designed specifically for two functions; first as a balanced salt solution for diluting PureSperm 100 to make up two layers of different densities for the gradient, and secondly, to reduce viscosity in the semen sample. The formula of PureSperm Buffer is optimized for maximum sperm survival  and greatest yield during density gradient centrifugation.
PureSperm Buffer is a sterile, isotonic, salt solution. It is optimised for the dilution of PureSperm 100 in the preparation of density gradients for the separation and purification of human sperm in ART. This gradient system effectively separates normal sperm from lymphocytes, epithelial cells, abnormal, immature and senescent sperm, cell debris, bacteria and seminal fluid.

– Sodium chloride
– Sodium citrate
– Potassium chloride
– Calcium lactate
– Sodium pyruvate
– Glucose
– Purified water

Performance Characteristics

- pH: 7.4-7.8.
- Osmolality (mOsm/kg H2O): 300-310.
- Endotoxin levels: <1.0 EU/mL.
- Human sperm survival 18 hours after density gradient separation: >70%.
- Contents are tested by human sperm survival.


- Bottles and stoppers are M.E.A. tested.