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SIP008 Sil-Select Plus - 8 preparations
SIP008N Sil-Select Plus - 8 prep. (wash w/o albumin)
SIP016 Sil-Select-Plus - 16 preparations
SIP016N Sil-Select Plus - 16 prep. (wash w/o albumin)
SIP020 Sil-Select Plus - 2 x 20ml
SIP050 Sil-Select Plus - 2 x 50ml
SIP100 Sil-Select Plus - 2 x 100ml
SIP80_100 Sil-Select Plus 80% - 100ml

Sperm preparation media.

Sil-Select Plus™ is our home made new and improved gradient system for semen preparation.
Sil-Select Plus™ is a solution of silane-coated sicila particles in a chemically defined, balanced salts solution with HEPES (pH buffer).
Extensive testing during the design of the product has shown it to be non-cytotoxic and non-irritant with a non-significant allergenic potential.

Sil-Select Plus™ is produced from raw colloidal silica, so we have full control over each step in the production process. We have developed a very accurate purification system which results in a very clean product with endotoxin levels below 0.5EU/ml.

The Sil-Select Plus™ density gradient system (45%-90%) consists of a Sil-Select Plus Upper Layer (45%) and a Sil-Select Plus Lower Layer (90%). 
We also offer Sil-Select Plus in an 80% dilution for use in IVF procedures.

Component Benefit
HEPES (18 mM)

HEPES stabilizes the pH under air (Clark and Swain 2014), therefore CO2 incubation is not required.

Earle’s Balanced Salt Solution (EBSS)

The composition of the salt solution results in an optimum pH and osmolality environment for sperm cells.

Silane coated colloidal silica

Density gradient media have been optimized for maximum efficiency in the selection of spermatozoa for use in ART. Their density is directly linked with their functionality and depends on the % silanized colloidal silica particles added in the media.