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SupraSperm™ - GlobalMed Group - AYUDANDO A CREAR VIDA


Designed for safe and low risk sperm separation and purification by the density gradient method.
SupraSperm is an HEPES and Bicarbonate buffered medium containing silane-coated, colloid silica particles.
It is designed to enables motile sperm to be separated from extraneous cells and seminal plasma and to select a subpopulation of cells with the highest capacity for fertilising an oocyte.
Contains SSR® with insulin that is shown to be a pro-survival factor for sperm.
Key Features
- Suspension of colloidal silica particles coated with silane.
- With Human Serum Albumin: acts as an anti-sticking effect, antioxidant , scavenger of excess ions and reservoir for cholesterols, fatty acids and vitamins.
- For convenience available both as a ready-to-use gradient system (55% and 80%) and a 100% solution for individual preparation of gradients.
- Contains SSR® with insulin.